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Apical Surgery in Chandler

Occasionally, a standard nonsurgical root canal procedure may not suffice to rescue a tooth. This is when your skilled endodontist, Dr. Brandi Molina, might recommend apical surgery. If inflammation or infection persists around the bony area at the end of your tooth after a root canal procedure, apical surgery, also known as an apicoectomy or root end surgery, may be performed. This technique involves the meticulous removal of a tooth’s root tip along with surrounding tissue and is employed to save a tooth in various scenarios.

Why do I Need an Apicoectomy

Apical surgery in Chandler becomes necessary in cases where the root canal treatment alone might not suffice. It can serve diagnostic purposes as well. When persistent symptoms are present but no issues appear on X-rays, it’s possible your tooth has a tiny fracture or canal that evaded detection during nonsurgical treatment. In such instances, surgery allows thorough root examination and targeted treatment.

Canal calcification can also pose challenges, making a canal too narrow for nonsurgical tools. In such cases, endodontic surgery helps clean and seal the remainder of the canal.

Although most teeth that undergo root canals last a lifetime without further treatment, exceptions occur. Some teeth may not heal or could become infected months or years after initial successful treatment. Apicoectomy can help to save such teeth.

What is the Procedure for the Apicoectomy?

To ensure precision and optimal outcomes during an apicoectomy procedure, Dr. Molina first takes a CBCT scan of your mouth to get a detailed 3-D view of the root canals and surrounding tissues. This detailed scan guides her with pinpoint accuracy throughout this advanced microsurgical process. When Dr. Molina has a clear view of the affected area and the procedure begins, she makes a small, strategically placed incision in your gum tissue, directly over the affected root. The apex, or tip, of the problematic root is delicately removed, and the adjacent bone area is meticulously cleaned and disinfected.

Once the tooth is thoroughly treated, the space is sealed with a biocompatible filling to strengthen the root structure, and stimulate the healing and regeneration processes. Dr. Molina then carefully repositions the gum tissue and expertly closes the area using small sutures. As the bone heals, the tooth gradually returns to its naturally functional state.

What is the Recovery Time for Apical Surgery?

Most patients typically resume their regular activities, including work, the day after apical surgery. Your expected recovery time can be discussed with Dr. Molina, offering you clarity and assurance.

Driving home after the procedure is usually possible, but consulting your endodontist in advance is wise, ensuring transportation arrangements if needed.

Dr. Molina believes in saving your natural smile through advanced techniques like apical surgery. If you are facing challenges with a previously treated tooth or seeking a reliable solution, our Chandler, AZ practice is here to guide you. Contact our team to discuss your concerns and schedule a consultation. Your oral health deserves the best care, and we are dedicated to delivering it.

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